Media’s New Television Studio

Gale Brewer donates $700,000 to construct Media’s television studio.
By Shanita Baker and Marieme Jiddou, Class of 2019
Photographs by Brandon Nixon, Class of 2018

Gale Brewer, the Manhattan Borough President, funded the High School for Media and Communications (HSMC) $700,000 to build a television studio in their school. Located in Washington Heights in northern Manhattan, the High School for Media and Communications has 420 students mostly from northern Manhattan and the Bronx.

Juan Villar, a principal of the HSMC, shared that the television studio will be a studio by students, for students. “This is a school that wants to give their students a voice. What will happen in the television studio will be completely up to the students,” stated Principal Villar.

Brewer’s donation of $700,000 to the HSMC will help the school live up to its name by making the school more technologically friendly. The television studio will create new courses in the school’s curriculum such as broadcast journalism, media literacy, and the development of cinematography, as well as other programs. Brewer also donated to the school’s music program in 2015.

The donation this year will also help the theater and music program where students can express themselves through music and dance as they record their music in the recording studio. This will also help the student-run newspaper, The Legacy because the studio will become a place to hold interviews and produce videos for an online news website. All of these aspects have been improved by Brewer’s donation.

The addition of a television studio in the high school will benefit all of the students at Media. “This is exciting and will be a big learning curve for the students,” said Brewer.

Students look forward to creating television shows about pop culture, sports, music, fashion, daily life, their experiences, and the realities of teenage life. The studio will benefit students by giving them the liberty of expression. In addition to benefitting students at the HSMC, the television studio will also benefit the Washington Heights community. The school plans to welcome Media parents and residents from the community to use the studio to produce shows.

“This is very exciting for all of us,” expressed Brewer.

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