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Book Review: All American Boys

All American Boys

By Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely

Published on September 29, 2015

Published by Simon & Schuster


All American Boys is a novel about the prejudice and police brutality inflicted on African Americans, the book is written by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely.

The book is shown in the point of view of two characters, Rashad Butler and Quinn. Rashad is a black teen who had to experience police brutality for simply being black. Quinn is a white teen who saw Rashad being brutally beaten almost to death by a police officer.

As the story develops, the audience sees how both characters struggle with why this is happening and how it involves both of their races. Quinn comes to the realization, that he is not just a bystander just because of his skin color and Rashad realizes he is not just another black teen feeling threatened by the police. These two different, but very similar, characters crash as they fight for the same cause: to hold the police officers accountable for abusing their power.

I love this book because the authors made sure that they were using the right language for their audience. The authors related this book to the younger generation through the  slang words they used, the book is completely uncensored and realistic.

I also love this book because although it showed cops in a negative light, it also shows the struggles cops have to go through to do their jobs without justifying their abuse of power. This book is also great because it not only talks about abuse of power but also the everyday stereotypes we as a society go through and the ones we put on others.

I recommend this book for people who want to understand all sides of the story, from the African American, the Caucasian, and the cop’s point of view.



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