Media’s Inaugural Poetry Slam

By Fatou Kebe, Class of 2020

On Friday May 18th, the High School for Media and Communications had their first Poetry Slam during 9th and 10th periods in the library. The hosts and organizers were English teachers Lisa Denerstein and Peter Demarco.

This event was different from the Open Mic’s the school has had this year because instead of it being an open event, where you are allowed to perform whatever you want, it was a serious poetry competition. The participants had to come prepared with three pieces of their original work, because the slam was broken down into three rounds.

During round one,  12 competitors were welcomed to perform. In round two, many competitors were eliminated which left only three people to compete with each other. In the final round, Tenisha Terry-Moultrie and Tatyanna West competed for first place.

Media teachers Christopher Jarvis, Marilyn Ramirez, Jamilia Baly Harris and Catholic Charities representative Erik Perez were the four judges. Tenisha Terry-Moultrie won first place. “It was great! Tenisha’s piece was the best!” stated junior Nile Garcia. Terry-Moultrie’s prize for winning first place was Kendrick Lamar tickets.

Tatyanna West won second place and received a $100 Visa gift card.

Jarlem Lopez won third place and received a $50 Visa gift card.

Media students enjoyed the event.  “It defied the laws of creativity! Everybody’s poems were very creative,” said  junior Kiersten Custodio. Another junior Gabriella Sanabia said, “I loved it. Some words touched my heart.”

Congrats to the winners and congrats to Media for having their first competitive poetry slam!

(From left to right) Ms. Ramirez, Mr. Perez, Ms. Harris, and Mr. Jarvis.
Tenisha Terry, 1st place. (Ms. Topbas/Assistant Principal) 
Tatyanna West, 2nd place. (Ms. Topbas/Assistant Principal)
Jarlem Lopez, 3rd place. (Ms. Topbas/Assistant Principal)

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