Peace In the Streets

The United Nations visited the George Washington Educational Campus to begin their “Peace In The Streets Global Film Festival” in February 2018.

According to the organization’s website, UN Peacemaker Corps mission is to create peace and tolerance among the youth.

The event drew a large crowd of people from all four schools. Principals, Assistant Principals, teachers and most importantly students. The event began with the organization’s Chairman and President of the UN Peacemaker Corps Carole Sumner Krechman speaking.

Krechman expanded on what they hope to achieve with this campaign. “You are our future,” she addressed the campus students. “We want the youth to use words not violence!” she stated.

The event organizers then shared videos created by teens about the injustice and conflicts they feel should be confronted from previous film festivals. Videos focused on different topics such as homosexuality, stereotypes, religion and world hunger.

Executive Director Suzanne Harvey then took the floor. Harvey spoke about the importance of youth taking leadership roles to resolve conflicts and making a “peaceful, compassionate, safe and tolerant” world to live in.

After the event ended I sat down with Krechman, she explained her story with teens which inspired her to start the campaign in the first place. “I owned a bowling alley where teens had a lot of fun but outside of the alley their lives were a mess!”

Krechman shared that the teens who visited her bowling alley had many issues such as transportation, acceptance from society and family issues, which led her to create the campaign and film festival to give them a voice.

The global film festival is now open for the 2018 year. Teens are given a chance to shoot an inspiring video to show their solution to world conflicts and the winner gets their video shown all around the world and on UN websites. For more information about the contest and previous winners go to

This is an amazing opportunity, for our generation who is already interested in the media world to have an opportunity to showcase their solutions for  world conflicts.

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