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Music Review: Pray for The Wicked Album

By Gabriel Cruz, Class of 2019

Pray for the Wicked is the sixth album by alternative rock band, Panic! At The Disco. The album was released June 22nd, 2018, and contains 11 tracks. It contains similar themes to their last album: Death of a Bachelor (2016). As the last sole member, Brendon Urie’s vocals are as amazing as ever. All the tracks on this album convey an energetic feeling with the outstanding combination of Urie’s voice and the catchy instrumentals. The  first track: “F*** A Silver Lining,” contains the message don’t ever let a silver lining or a cherry on top of any situation be good enough for you, and to always aim to be the best.

The message of doing the best you can and working hard enough to reach your goal is a recurring theme throughout this album. The leading track of this album, “(Saturday Night) Say Amen,” is a great track that conveys mixed messages about partying and changes as a person. “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” is about Urie’s success as an artist, reflecting on his journey and how some people only want to be associated with him because of his fame. “High Hopes” is about seeking your dreams without hesitancy and seeing those dreams come to fruition beyond your wildest imaginings. The next three tracks (“Dancing’s Not A Crime,” “One of the Drunks,” “The Overpass”) are still very good but don’t stand out as much as the leading tracks. They convey more of a generic feeling about the endless cycle of partying.

“Dying in LA” is the final track on the album and follows the theme of being a powerful slow ballad, just like the previous album’s last track. The song shows the less known struggle of people who come to Los Angeles looking for a chance to pursue their dreams. However, they end up unsuccessful in their journey. Even the song title helps to paint a picture of the death of his dreams and his hopes of becoming famous. Overall, this album was outstanding, but it felt a bit too similar to the last album. But that shouldn’t stop you from listening to this album as it still has many good tracks that make it worthwhile.

Album cover for Panic! at the Disco’s Pray for the Wicked.

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