She’s My Mother, Not a Criminal!

By Anonymous

Do you ever wonder what it will be like to be far away from your mother? While you either love or hate her, we all have some type of emotion towards mothers. I had this time in my life where everything was going downhill, I didn’t know who I was anymore, my relationship with most of my family members was turning toxic. However, the thing that really turned my switch off was when my mom decided to go back to her home country. My sisters and I were basically the last ones to know and that made us feel some type of way. Let me remind you that this happened during my freshman year, so this was bad timing since I needed her a lot. Two years passed and my mom was still in her country, and now I’m a senior. Ever since she left, I had been so worried about her that it made me lose focus and I would always overthink negative things, since where my mom lived was not a safe place and she was very sick.

We would talk a couple of times but it just wasn’t the same. For the past two years, I’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day with my aunts and I felt bad because throughout the day I would feel so jealous of my cousins because they had their mothers by their side. I’ve been moving from house to house because I was an unwanted kid without his mother. I always prayed to God that my mom would come back and be with us, and one day she finally did. My sister’s father, who is my stepfather, told us that my mom was back in the states and that she’d be meeting us the next day. My sisters were crying and for some reason I didn’t cry. I was happy and relieved to know that she was back but I felt scared. I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment to happen that it felt so surreal.

I was heading out to go to school and suddenly my mom appeared and hugged me. We had a long talk about how she came and I felt miserable. My sister’s father was trying to bring her back with a visa but my mom wanted to come back quicker and the only way she could’ve done that was by crossing the border. It’s great that she’s back but now I have to worry about her being deported. Now that the American president is not a fan of Mexicans, my mom has to be aware of: where she lives, works, and who she hangs out with. This was supposed to be a happy moment for us but happy seems to be a thing that’s never for sure. She’s illegal but she’s not a criminal. She’s not here to take your job. She’s taking the jobs that YOU never wanted. She came here to be a strong hardworking mother, not someone who depends on food stamps because she’s too lazy to work.

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