HSMC Students in “Voces de la Diáspora Dominicana.”

On Friday March 8th, at Queens Public Library, Corona branch, several students from the High School for Media and Communications (HSMC) participated in “Voces de la Diáspora Dominicana” (Voices of the Dominican Diaspora). They represented the youth in this literary event, reading their captivating flash-stories, poems, and short stories, that covered an extended variety of themes. The various poems astonished the audience, which included the HSMC Assistant Principal, Ms.Topbas-Mejia, and the students’ parents. HSMC brought four students to the reading: Carlos Sánchez Payano, Emily Aquino, Junisa Pichardo, and Jarlem López Morel. All of them read side by side with other contributors of the Dominican literature in the United States.

This event has been taking place annually since 2007, which makes this the 13th anniversary. As a result of Dr. Juan Nicolás Tineo’s organization, the youth were able to be included in the event, thanks to the partnership with the HSMC Spanish language and culture teacher, Mr. Rubén Sánchez, who also teaches Spanish Creative Writing. He encouraged the students to create literary pieces and present them to the public, making them aware of their talent and capacity.

One of the developed, yet young writers that was part of the activity was Dr. Rey Andújar, who is a professor at Governors State University in Chicago. This co-participation gave the students the opportunity to personally meet a figure who they can take as an example of how a literature apprentice can grow and become a known published writer.

“I think it is very important, not only that the youth participates but in the way they do, because when boys and girls read alongside published authors, writers of more experience and without distinction, which is very important as a form of support and it helps them to have one-to-one interaction with writers already formed,” said Andújar.

Media students also won various certificates of appreciation from different organizations, as proof of their participation and contribution to “Voces de la Diáspora Dominicana”. These accreditations were given by: The New York City Council, The United Federation of Teachers and The Dominican Commissioned of Culture. This was surely a magnificent experience for the students on their potential future related with literature, and the entire HSMC family congratulates them and wish them luck for upcoming opportunities!

(left to right) Emily Aquino and Junisa Pichardo. [Credit: Gustavo Polanco]

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