Lucinda Martinez Returns Home

By Camille Shields, Class of 2018

On November 13, 2017, High School for Media and Communications was visited by former alumni of the George Washington High School, Lucinda Martinez.

Lucinda Martinez is a senior vice president of the multicultural and international marketing of HBO. At HBO she’s responsible for expanding diversity for HBO audiences. After Martinez graduated from George Washington High School she went to Columbia University to study marketing. In her spare time, Martinez serves on the board of American Heart Association ( AHA ), Council of Urban Professionals and serves on the Hispanic Scholarship Fund ( HSF ).

Forty students of the High School for Media and Communications were able to hear Martinez journey from High School to present, as Manhattan Deputy Borough President, Aldrin Bonilla was the interviewer.

Martinez recalled having a 97.0 average in high school. She stressed to students on how important education is. While she expressed her love for books. “ Sometimes you have to get lost in a book when your world is going crazy.”

Martinez reassured students that life is not going to be an easy ride as she shared her own obstacles with students. Martinez reflected on her past on how she overcame her heart condition, her brother’s death, and her mother’s cancer. However, she expressed that overcoming these challenges helped her value life more. In addition, she encouraged students to never give up in tough situations using herself as an example. As she overcame her difficulties, she became a successful Latina woman.

Martinez also advised students not to be in relationships that are not beneficial to them. She stressed the importance of dating someone who is on your level, academically. “Don’t make out with someone who can’t solve your math homework.”

As the event came to an end, Martinez expressed how much she enjoyed visiting the school for the first time in 25+ years. Martinez also took the time to get to know every child’s name and aspirations.

Media Students expressed on how relatable she was by understanding students hassle of not being able to have their phones in school. Shanita Baker an 11th grader, expressed on how she was “relatable” through “racial background, work ethic in school, educational and career aspirations.”


Bronx Berlin Connection Visits

By Ana Made, Class of 2019

On November 27th the High School for Media and Communications hosted the Bronx Berlin Connection in order to provide students with more knowledge about Germany and discuss the Goethe Institute, which sponsored the visit to the school.

English teacher Doctor Shearier, who also teaches a German elective, was instrumental in bringing the Berlin Group to the school. Olga Liamkina, an educational liaison, also played a major role in bringing the Berlin performers to the school. Liamkina works with the Goethe Institute to help enforce and spread the German culture to communities, like Washington Heights, who are not exposed to foreign customs.

Media students enjoyed the performance of the Berlin program. One student stated, “The school should do this again.” The students also liked that the performers were young adults and were “cool people to be around.”

The experience of meeting new people and the level of positive energy coming from the dancers and rappers on stage was exhilarating for Media students Emani Williams and Tenisha Terry M, who were able to perform along the dancers on stage.

One Berlin performer, Sherry, lives in Berlin but has Turkish roots. Sherry works with the Bronx Berlin program but also teaches kids how to dance as a part-time job. Sherry does social work with the program, and when asked what she liked about her visit to Media, she said, “It was nice working with the students.” Sherry offered her Instagram, [NabirheS], for students to follow and keep up with her journey.

The Goethe Institute is a cultural association operating worldwide. The Bronx Berlin program exchanges teenagers from Berlin to the Bronx so they can improve their social and language skills. These programs are crucial in having follow-up performances.

Media High School felt honored to be able to host such innovative people who gave workshops and a dynamite performance in their school.